Frequently Asked Questions

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For Experts

How much does it cost to be an Expert?

It's free for freelancers and firms to sign up and use the Expert360 platform.

Am I qualified to join Expert360?

Freelancers and Firms on Expert360 have a proven track record of delivering excellent results for clients in their area of expertise. 
They typically have the following characteristics:

  • Strong skills and experience in a functional area
  • Ability to get up to speed quickly and bring their experience working with businesses, big and small
  • Aren't afraid to roll-up-their sleeves to get things done
  • Have a passion for driving great business outcomes

In addition, we look for:

  • Relevant professional qualifications 
  • Case studies and recommendations from clients
  • Industry awards
  • Published thought leadership material

You must have an ABN or ACN to sign up and work in Australia and once you engage to work on a project you will need relevant insurance coverage.

What if a client wants to re-engage me for ongoing support or another piece of project based work?

You will need to let us know if the project has been extended, or the client has engaged you for additional work within 12 months of the commencement of your original project. Please contact [email protected]

Follow-on work within 12 months of your project's commencement is subject to Expert360's Pay Per Project fee which is payable by the Client.

Do I need an ABN?

If a Client wishes to engage you directly they may require you to have an ABN or ACN. Otherwise, Expert360 will engage you and payroll you (PAYG and superannuation will be deducted) for which an ABN is not required. Please contact us to discuss your options.

If I need a visa, who pays for it?

You are responsible for ensuring all visa requirements are met, including costs.

How can I delete my Expert360 account?

You can request to have your account permanently deleted by contacting us at [email protected]

How and when am I paid?

Expert360 clients will either rely on the Expert360 platform or contract and pay you directly. 

If Expert360 is facilitating the payments between you and the Client, you need to invoice for your work on the Expert360 platform.

Please refer to our Pricing and Payments Procedures for more information.

If you are invoicing and contracting directly with the client, you should negotiate payment terms and understand your client's accounts processes at the start. Payment days are normally set out in the contractor agreement.

For Businesses

How much does it cost to secure talent through Expert360?

The cost to deliver projects depends on the time and complexity of work, the Client's budget and Experts' market rates. Clients can indicate a budget in their project briefs. The Expert360 team can provide guidance to Clients upfront regarding the usual price range for different project types.

Expert360 may charge either:

  • an agreed all-inclusive fee for the Expert's and our services; or
  • an agreed margin on an Expert's rates plus on-costs. Amounts invoiced for expense reimbursements are not subject to the Expert360 margin.

On-costs vary depending on the location of the project and may include payroll taxes and payroll administration fees.

Can I hire someone Permanently through Expert360?

When you find an Expert through Expert360, you'll be charged 15% of the freelancer's annual remuneration package if you hire them on a permanent basis. This includes those you permanently hire immediately from the platform, or after your Project engagement finishes.  Please refer to our Terms of Service for more detail.

What insurance cover do freelancers have?

From 4pm on 1 March 2019, when you engage an eligible Expert through Expert360, they will be covered for Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability insurance for the duration of your project.  This is at no direct cost to the Client or Expert. Clients and other companies based in the United States are excluded.
Please see Insurance for more information

How can I delete my Expert360 account?

You can request to have your account permanently deleted by contacting us at [email protected].

Who is liable for delivering work - the firm, freelancer or Expert360?

Our Experts are responsible for scoping and delivering work for clients and agreeing terms and deliverables. As per our Terms of Service, firms and freelancers are independent contractors and Expert360 is not responsible for the quality of work.